Hey Moms: Let's Chill with the Holiday Competition

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[Editor's Note: While I don't think the "I have to get my kid the best gift on the market" thing is a new phenomenon (my mom tells a story of fighting over a Cabbage Patch doll for me), I think it has reached a ridiculous level as of late. Balancing Jane detailed some of the obnoxious trends and commercials this holiday season and how they continue to perpetuate the "Super Mom" who has to do everything myth. Do you feel a pressure to be all and do all this season? -Jenna]

Moms, Are You Going to Win Christmas This Year?:

But what's really got me going right now is the idea that Christmas is some kind of contest. We've got to win it! If we get the right things at the right price, we win! If we don't, well, let's not even think about that, because we're going to win!

And it's apparently a marketing dream scheme because it's everywhere:

  • There's the series of Target Black Friday commercials that show a woman obsessively working out in preparation for the sale. At one point, she's trying to psych herself up by telling herself "You will win this." By setting herself up as the "winner," even shopping for other people is ultimately about self-fulfillment. This mentality turns a potentially altruistic activity into a selfish one.

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