High Design: Let Catalogs Guide Your Thrifting

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I love home store catalogs. I don't like to surf stores' websites, because it's too tempting to click and buy, but catalogs feel safely removed to me. I love to tear out pictures of design combinations I like, but even seeing them once is enough to influence me when I'm out and about. Like Mandy, I try to focus on the idea of the thing and then find a way to make it myself or buy it secondhand or on discount.

She writes:

The funny thing is, if I hadn’t looked at the catalog a few weeks before, I would’ve never picked up those gigantic rattan bowl/discs. I wouldn’t have known what to do with them! Keeping the bigger vision in mind gave what seemed to be odd looking baskets a purpose in my home.

West Elm baskets

Credit Image: West Elm

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