Holiday Cocktails: Eggnog

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[Editor's Note: Some people like to add rum, some like to add bourbon, and some like to drink it straight up sans the booze. No matter how it's served, creamy and spiced eggnog is one of my favorite holiday drinks. This version from Epicurean Mom features a step where the eggs are parboiled, which means it has a less prominent egg flavor. --Genie]

Egg Nog {Greetings to the start of Fall}

This delicious spiced egg drink isn't for everyone, but I promise you'll love mine! A friend was over for a play date, and I offered a small glass to her. She immediately refused and stated she didn't like the overly creamy drink. After repeated offers, she reluctantly agreed. Needless to say, she loved it!


Image Credit: Epicurean Mom, used by permission.

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