Holiday Cocktails: Gingerbread Floats

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[Editor's Note: Foodette herself gave me a heads up that she was planning to whip up these blogworthy, holiday-friendly cocktails, and I could not wait to read all about them. They feature Root, a modern version of a liquor that started as a 1700s herbal remedy. Anchored by this interesting spirit, this cocktail is boozy, creamy, and totally worth celebrating. --Genie]

Gingerbread Float Cocktails

These are so freaking good. I know that as a full-time student at a full-time party school, I'm genetically obliged to tell you that something with copious amounts of alcohol and ice cream is freaking good, but this is good because it's nuanced in a way that makes it an easy drinker as well as something to really savor. Whipped cream is unnecessary.

Gingerbread Float

Image Credit: Foodette Reviews, used by permission.

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