Holiday Cocktails: Krupnikas

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[Editor's Note: I've never tasted Krupnikas, which is a Lithuanian liqueur that uses honey for sweetness. It sounds really interesting, though, even if it also sounds like something to drink with care—from the looks of it, it's pretty powerful booze! It's a terrific holiday beverage, though—a perfect little warmer for the season. --Genie]

Kristmas Krupnikas

This stuff is not for everyone. It'll grow hair on your chest, friends. Clearly there are plenty of men in our lives who don't mind the extra hair. And so began a small cult following of the pungent sweet stuff. And before I knew it, these Krupnikas aficionados began asking to craft their own. So there we were, a week before Christmas, brewing our own spiced honey liqueur.

Kristmas Krupnikas

Image Credit: Dance While You Cook, used by permission

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