Holiday Cocktails: Spiced and Spiked Cider

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[Editor's Note: This hot cocktail is perfect to span the whole holiday season—from November through December, and is as perfect at a Thanksgiving reception as a post-caroling warmer. Add rum if you want the adult version, or leave it out if you just want a delicious non-alcoholic treat! --Genie]

Spiced and Spiked Cider

It is warm, it is sweet, it is like all the wonderful things about hot apple pie (minus the ice cream) but with rum and it is something you must try. We use cloves, cinnamon sticks and sweet star anise for our recipe, but you could experiment by adding nutmeg or allspice to the mixture. The apple cider you use is pretty important too, go for the organic cider, we find it to be much more flavorful. This could be made in a crock pot, but we find a saucepan on the stove works just fine since we actually do not steep the cider for very long.

Spiced, Spiked Cider

Image Credit: Inspired Taste, used by permission.

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