Holiday Cocktails: Spicy Mulled Port

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[Editor's Note: Mulled wine? Move off the front burner, now that mulled port is in town. This is a great alternative to the more traditional winter beverage, but sip it with caution: it packs a much more powerful alcohol punch. Food Gypsy recommends serving it with a strong cheese or a good dark chocolate, or even her Chipotle Chocolate Souffle. --Genie]

Spicy Mulled Port—Mulled Wine's Kick-Ass Big Brother

Wine ranges anywhere between 9% and 15% alcohol. Port is wine's big brother; also made from grapes, it starts as wine but is then fortified by the addition of a natural grape spirit called 'aguardente' to stop fermentation, it's then barrel-aged to perfection. This leaves the residual sugar in the wine and boosts the alcohol content.

Mulled port preparation

Image Credit: Food Gypsy, used by permission

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