Holiday Desserts: Finnish Cloud Pudding

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[Editor's Note: I love learning about traditional holiday desserts from other cultures, so I loved reading about this Finnish dessert from Sofya of The Girls' Guide to Guns & Butter. Though Sofya hails from Azerbaijan, her mother-in-law has Finnish roots, and Sofya made this dish as a nod to Dawn's heritage. Not only is it delicious, but on Christmas, it's served with a special surprise tucked into the pudding's interior. Read on to find out the secret! --Genie]

Dawn's Finnish Cloud Pudding

Up to this day, Dawn and I were probably the only women in the world who knew how to make this exact thing in this exact way, but now you will too! I feel like some ancient mystery is about to be made public. To make cloud pudding, farina (cream of wheat) is cooked with raspberry juice, beaten in a stand mixer (or, back in the olden days, by hand), and whipped cream is then folded into the resulting mixture. Simple, isn’t it?

Finnish Cloud Pudding

Image Credit: The Girls' Guide to Guns and Butter, used by permission.

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