Homemade Cat Tree Using Secondhand Materials

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One of my heroes in the plastic-free movement, Beth Terry, recently became inspired by another fabulous blogger, EcoCatLady, to build her own kitty tree using secondhand, and especially, non-plastic materials. Results are impressive and feline approved:

"I wanted something that would allow enough playing, climbing and jumping opportunities to satisfy my rambunctious 2-year-old boys, but also something that would be accessible for the less agile members of my feline family. I also didn’t want to work that hard, so I melded the design to the pieces of wood that I had on hand rather than the other way around. Stability was also a factor since I knew one certain romper cat would be launching his little body from every conceivable direction."


Cat Tree


Image credit: jon_a_ross via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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