Homemade Pizzas with an 800° F Pizza "Oven" in my Grill

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I can probably count the number of times I've "made" pizza on one hand (and honestly, I'm being pretty lax in how I define "making pizza").One of the first times in recent memory was in Round 4 of Project Food Blog, a national food blogging competition in which I competed (and won!) back in 2010. For round 4, I made pizzas in the shapes of various flags of the world.I didn't really learn how to properly stretch out a pizza dough until several years later, when I traveled to Vermont to attend a two day intensive baking workshop at King Arthur Flour's headquarters. There, we learned how to make pizza from scratch, and I baked my first pies.About half a year ago, I had the chance to try rolling out dough again, this time at Posto Pizzeria in Somerville, the only certified Neapolitan pizza restaurant in Boston. . . .

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