Homemade SpaghettiO’s: Way Better Than the Cans

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Editor’s note: Uh-oh, SpaghettiO’s. I couldn’t help but have that jingle pop into my head when I saw the long list of additives in a can of SpaghettiO’s. Jennifer from Mother Thyme thought much the same thing, so she came up with a homemade version of the kids’ favorite. Do you think it’s OK if we still sing the song when we make it ourselves? --Jane

What kid doesn’t love SpaghettiO’s? Actually who doesn’t love SpaghettiO’s? If they can make it in a factory and scoop it in a can, it can be made at home as well. They funny thing is, Homemade SpaghettiO’s are incredibly easy to make… Trust me, once you try these you’ll see how similar these taste to the canned version, and probably like Homemade SpaghettiO’s better.

Homemade SpaghettiO’s
Image: Courtesy of Mother Thyme

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