Homeschool Customization and the High School Course Descriptions

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I had a back and forth email exchange with a former college admissions officer about homeschoolers' college applications, specifically, the course descriptions.It reminded me yet again that homeschoolers are so misunderstood.I guess I am so entrenched in this homeschool world that I don't have a true understanding of how the world perceives our kids and their courses of study.The thing we were discussing was the homeschool mission statement and philosophy versus the course description. She said the philosophy should include grading policy, and other things that would never apply to my sons, because we do not have one same way of teaching every course for all the year's academics.I explained that say, for chemistry it was a small homeschool class with subject matter expert and professional teacher, with quizzes and tests, and labs, and with a formal grade based also on class participation and attendance. Plus there was a private tutor to teach topics missing from the class and also a two day lab intensive with a group class with a teacher. . . .

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