Honing My Message to My Son: Finding Career Direction

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[Editor's Note: For a parent, instilling the best message regarding finding a career direction can be a delicate balance between reality plus dreams. You don't want to discourage the dream and yet you also want them to be able to pay the rent. Megan Regnerus works on honing her message in this post. -Paula G

Oldest Son has been working a lot since moving out a few months ago, putting in hours teaching ski school on weekends and at a Montessori preschool during the week. And while I think his supervisors would agree that he’s good at both, he’s now determined that working with 3- and 4-year-olds is not his long-term calling. This is all good, I tell him: going from skinning and packing out moose meat in Alaska to wiping snotty noses and administering hugs. You should try to experience a lot of different things right now.

Finding Career Direction

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