The Anti-Adoption Camp Can't Deny the Horror in India

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[Editor's Note: News stories like the one that Sharon at Whatever Things Are True recently covered are the things of nightmares. Police in India have been accused of raping minor girls and forcing horrifying, not-medically-sound abortions on the ones who became pregnant. I just can't even go there. Sharon points out that this is a reason why international adoption needs to take place despite what the critics say. What are your thoughts? -Jenna]

Horror in India Exposes the Dangers to Institutionalized Children:

UntitledOpponents of international adoption love to point out that the majority of children in orphanages have at least one living parent who may be using institutional care as a stopgap measure; these kids don't need to be adopted, they say. It's true; sometimes desperate parents do turn to orphanage care as a temporary measure, HOWEVER we actually have no way of knowing how many situations like that actually exist. As I've said before, the enduring concern is that WE HAVE NO REAL IDEA HOW MANY CHILDREN LIVE IN ORPHANAGES AND INSTITUTIONS AROUND THE WORLD, let alone the familial status of those kids. Governments in the developing world frequently don't have the infrastructure to gather that kind of data. In a place like India, where millions of births still go unregistered and unlicensed, ad hoc orphanages spring up overnight, tracking children is a daunting task. And of course, governments everywhere are loathe to publish data that points to policy failure. Most governments don't even want to know how many orphans they have within their borders, let alone share the details with the international community.

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