A House Divided on Spanking

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Dealing with discipline issues can be stressful not just on parents and children, but between mom and dad. While two people can think they share the same parenting values before becoming parents, the reality is that kids are unique individuals and frequently change and grow. (You know, because they're supposed to.) Sue at Motherhood and Me recently shared the discipline problems they're having in her house and how the topic of spanking has created a divided house.

She shares honestly about the experience:

DividedMy husband believes in spanking and uses that tactic, while I don’t believe in it and I feel I am left scrambling to find another direction on my own with no help.

A little back story, we have never been spankers. I have always felt that it didn’t make any sense to spank a kid to teach them something. Would I learn anything if Brett started spanking me during every argument, just to get his way? No! This would just piss me off and hurt me emotionally. Now, am I saying I have never spanked before? No, before this I have, but it usually is as a last resort and with anger, which isn’t right in the first place!

With that said, my husband and I discussed trying spanking with Barrett because we had felt we had exhausted every other discipline tactic. We talked to family and friends, all who spank and all who have, at least what we see to be, amazing children. We talked about it and devised a plan to see if it would help. I agreed, still uncomfortable with this choice, but willing to give anything a shot.

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