How to Actually Use Blog Criticism

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[Editor's Note: Barnmaven takes on the idea of sensitivity on the Internet and points out that putting your thoughts out there means that people are going to respond to them -- positively and negatively. She outlines the difference between healthy criticism and being a troll, and she gives fantastic advice on hearing feedback without letting it take over your mind. --Mel]

I don't care if you want to criticize me. It's fine. Go ahead. I can take it. If I weren't prepared to be disagreed with I wouldn't be putting my words on the internet for the world to view. Offering opinion invites scrutiny. Invites differing opinions. Invites others to be amused, outraged, insulted, offended, enraged. (With any luck, not so much of the enraged. One hopes.)

What is your advice about hearing criticism without reacting emotionally to the words?

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