How to Add Straps to Your Kids' Sun Hats

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[Editor's Note: My kids are both notorious for ripping off their sun hats, especially my youngest. In Texas, sunhats are not just cute -- they are a necessity. Nothing irritates me more than finding a cute sun hat, only to realize it does not have a chin strap. Does this mean that most kids leave their hats on, and this compulsive hat removal thing is only a problem for my kids? I felt much better about things when I came across a tutorial on Make It Love It about adding straps to sun hats. Apparently I am not alone after all! -- Jen]

Adding Straps to Sun Hats (velcro or snaps)

Ashley from Make It Love It explained what led her to adding chin straps to sun hats: “I have been on the hunt for some Sun Hats for the kiddos that have chin straps, for two reasons. 1st, so that my rascally 1 year old baby girl won’t pull hers off. And 2nd, so that the wind won’t blow their hats off the entire time we’re there. However, finding hats with straps has been impossible on anything bigger than little baby sizes. ”

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