How and Why to Use a Vision Board

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Vision boards were all the rage for a while. I've done a few in my time. Sometimes helpful, sometimes it felt hollow. Here is an article on the importance of being actively connected to your vision and then how to go about fleshing that out using a vision board as a tool.

It's taken me a while to realize that I have nothing when I am not actively with vision. When I have a clear goal, an idea and an anticipation of what I want to come to pass in my life, that's when things happen.

I think many people in America confuse this bit about "vision" and about "wanting" something with what mainstream tells us we should want – stuff, mainly. You know, a new car, a big house, plump retirement plans. Slim bodies, ageless faces, yada, yada, yada. What I found in my years of counseling people was that at the very heart of it, people don't care so much about that stuff. No. In our core, in that deep and still place inside, we yearn for our own unique life experiences, for things that are not things, but rather feelings, emotions, opportunties, learning, growth. Love.

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how and why to use a vision board

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