How Biomimicry Can Help Your Business Success

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What can business learn from nature? A heck of a lot. I personally use nature a great deal in my own work. That is why I was thrilled when I came across this post on using biomimicry as a key to your success as a business in startup mode. Cutting edge thinking from age old wisdom.

Imagine you’re a very small start-up with a sweat equity budget, a small circle of passionate customers and advocates, and you’re poised to bust everything open and claim your share of the entrepreneurial pie, but each well crafted offer still only garners a minimum toehold in your market.

With little to spend on marketing, you could limp along with your plan, or you could seek an infusion of capital. Or you could do what Julie Sammons recommends and ask nature for advice.

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Credit Image: jrsnchzhrs on Flickr

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