Ten Ways Buying a House is Like an Arranged Marriage

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[Editor's Note: Ever wonder what it's really like to be set up in an arranged marriage? Mainstream American culture can't really wrap its head around the concept of committing to a spouse sight-unseen. Yet, we don't mind buying a house based on a brief walk-through.


BlogHer Aisha Iqbal met her husband through a semi-arranged process, and now that they're buying a house, she sees some humorous similarities. --Grace]

  1. You start with a gussied up picture of potentials with just the right lighting.
  2. Keep in mind: The newer the better. Attractive a must. Take all the time you want! It's a buyer's market. There will always be good deals, the market is on your side.
  3. After going through dozens of potentials via websites and recommendations narrow it down to a few to start off with.
  4. Make the calls, set up appointments. Some may already be off the market which might make you wonder if you missed your chance at the one but its okay because there are so many others.
  5. Make your visits, pay close for your must-haves and for misrepresentation. Don't you hate it when the picture conceals the very defect that would have made it a no deal?


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