How to Create the Ultimate To-Do List

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Everybody has a to-do list. In fact most of us will die with a long to-do list still sitting on the counter. Here's how to create a list that actually has a detailed path to an outcome so that you succeed. It's like the ultimate planning tool.

Planning is an essential part of getting the most from any task or goal. This is especially true for running a business, charting a professional path or managing a project. Planning, although initially time consuming, allows you to dissect a situation, prepare each step and monitor the growth and development of your goal.

When it comes to planning, the number one strategy is to use a to-do list. A to-do list normally outlines a number of tasks to be achieved in a specified time frame. The great thing about to-do lists is that you can reference them to determine your progress. However, if your list doesn’t provide you with a brief but detailed path to an end-result, you may end up with a dysfunctional course or unreachable goals.

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