How Did She End Up With a Bounce House Birthday?

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I swore my daughter would not have big, fancy, expensive birthday parties. Her first birthday was at home, and it was actually an adult party that happened to feature a baby and some cake to go with all that wine. Yay, us.

We realized after the first birthday party that inviting adults is like, way too expensive. And kids are little terrors who will grind red icing into your furniture. Thus:

  • Her second party was at the world's coolest kid's bookstore.

  • Her third birthday party was at McDonald's. (I KNOW!)

  • Her fourth birthday party was at Tunnel Voyage.

  • Her fifth birthday party was at the community indoor swimming pool.

  • Her sixth birthday party was at an indoor fun zone with ... yep, bounce houses.

  • We hired a mad scientist at a party supply store for her seventh birthday.

  • And for her eighth birthday we FINALLY had some kids over to swing at a pinata and eat cake and that's all.

As a result, I totally emphathized with Mommy Unmuted, who wanted that simple party and ended up with ... more.

Wait a minute. Hors d’oeuvres at a 4 year old birthday party? Wait a minute. $225 for a princess, not including tip? Wait a minute. $100 for a bounce house? Scratch that. $160 for a bounce house because we need a generator? Not to mention all of the food for the BBQ and all of the alcohol I would need to just get through the big day.

bounce house girl

Credit Image: Monkey Mash Button on Flickr

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