How Do You Get Them to Keep Their Rooms Clean?

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My room was messy when I was a child; even messier when I was a teen. I didn't see the point of cleaning, of making a bed I was just going to get in later. Now I have kids and I'm the one harping on my kids to clean their rooms. Jess at Keeping Mommy Sane wrote a post that let me know I'm not alone. How do you get kids to clean, oh wise readers?

Is My Child Destined for Hoarders?:

Ally's Messy Room"When we run through the various scenarios of what will happen if he doesn’t clean up (no video games, no treats, etc.) he literally shrugs his shoulders and says, “I don’t care.” What!? He doesn’t care if he loses video game privileges for a week? Crap, what leverage do we have now?

And I’m tired of hounding him about this. We only get a few precious hours together in the evening after school and work – I really don’t want to spend it being a Nagging Mom. No one likes her. But I’m also tired of picking up after him. Plus he now thinks that if he avoids it long enough, I’ll eventually give in and do it for him.

So I’ve stopped.


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