How Do You Teach Twins About Being Twins?

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[Editor's Note: I remember being fascinated by twins when I was in elementary school, having been introduced to the concept by a friend of our family who gave birth to a set of beautiful twin boys. I wanted a twin. I wanted to be a twin. My parents were glad I wasn't, I can tell you that. Deanna at It's a Crazy, Beautiful Life is a mom of twin girls and she is currently trying to figure out how to explain all that is twin to her daughters. It is more complicated than it initially seems! -Jenna]

The Concept of Being a Twin:

Old Twins PhotosQuestion: How do you teach twins about the concept of being a twin?

What I mean is, how do twins learn they are different from other siblings? Not in a super-special-twin-relationship kind of way. I mean literally, how do you teach them what it means to be a twin?

I never thought much at all about this topic until well after the girls were born. I think we hear so much about the "twin bond" that it's easy to forget they won't just know they are twins, together from the very beginning. I know with my girls I very rarely use the word "twin", so I don't believe it even entered their vocabulary until the last several months. Jeremy and I, along with most of our family and friends, refer to Addison and Mackenzie as "the girls" most often.

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