How to Dye a Wooden Crate

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[Editor's Note: I have dyed many of things in my life: hair, yarn, clothing – the normal stuff. I would have never thought to use a bottle or Rit Dye on a wooden crate. Jessica from Running with Scissors was really thinking outside the dye box when she created this adorable teal toy crate for her kids. She didn’t just dye the crate she also applied animal stencils to really up the cute level. That crafty lady even made the crate from scratch. Color (or should I say dye) me impressed. - Jen]

Tutorial: Animal Clutter Crate

Don’t feel like you have to make your own crate: "Or if you could always buy or find a crate already made. I've read many times liquor stores will give or sell the empty wine crates."

Tutorial: Animal Clutter Crate


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