How Having a Child Impacted Our Finances in Unexpected Ways

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Editor's Note: Everyone knows that kids are expensive. (Of course, you have no idea how expensive until you're in the thick of it, but still.) While we expect to pay more for food, for clothing, for fun stuff, for trips to the Emergency Room, our finances can be impacted in ways we never knew to expect. As One Frugal Girl points out, the "busy" work of having a child can eat up our focus on saving money and cause us to spend more money than we would have otherwise. Also a tip: Don't take your toddler mattress shopping. She explains why. -Jenna

How Having a Child Has Impacted My Finances:

You can imagine how we looked in the store. My son is half dressed, my husband is exhausted, my hair is still dripping wet from the pool and all of us are hungry. If I were in the right frame of mind I probably would’ve selected a bed, taken home the paperwork and researched the best prices online. Instead, given the circumstances I did something I would have never done before my son was born. I immediately agreed to the price and handed over my credit card.

In all due honesty there was no need to rush to buy a new mattress, but for some reason it seemed easier not to shop around and not to drive from store to store in search of the best deal, but at the very least I should’ve looked up prices of similar beds on the Internet where I know I could’ve gotten a better deal.

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