How I Learned to Love Myself As A "Fat" Girl

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[Editor’s note: From the time she was little, Teri Heidenreich was told she was fat. Like many girls, for years she fantasized about being thin and how fantastic her life would be if she could only lose weight. Then one day in college Teri noticed an ad for art models and the happenstance moment transformed her life. Teri describes what happened next at Fem2pt.0.--Mona]

She writes:

I went out that day and bought myself a shortie fire-engine-red satin robe. I figured, why not—if I was going be the only one naked in a room full of people, I might as well make one hell of an entrance.

Contemplating the sexy robe days later in a cold, dank room full of strangers, I wasn’t quite sure I could do it. I toyed with the idea of tearing ass down the hall. I figured they would be too polite to chase me down, rip off my clothes, and make me stand on the podium. But I stayed, peeled my clothes off, item by item, cursed my sense of humor, and made my entrance in the red robe.

fat girl

Credit Image: Toban Black on Flickr

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