How to Install a GFCI outlet

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[Editor's Note: Even the most savvy of Do It Yourselfers tend to hesitate when it comes to electrical work. Trey from Daddy Mojo is no exception to the rule. However, after recently hiring an electrician to come over and replace a GFCI Outlet his confidence in this department was lifted. He studied what the electrician was doing, asked lot’s of questions and like any modern day handyman watched a You Tube video about it. No more electricians replacing outlets for this daddy, he has taken matters and outlets into his own hands. - Jen]

Naptime DIY-Install a GFCI outlet

Apparently practice makes perfect even when it comes to electrical work:  "A testament to this is the fact that the first outlet I replaced took me 25 minutes. The second time I installed a GFCI outlet it took 20 minutes and each time afterwards it got shorter and easier. Even if I installed one GFCI outlet while the kids were sleeping it was an effective and timely use of our Naptime DIY.”

Naptime DIY-Install a GFCI outlet


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