How the Internet and Teen Bloggers Are Shaping the Women's Movement for the Better

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[Editor’s note: Some of us older feminists--ok me--sometimes find this whole social media world foreign and even impersonal. But one of my favorite blogs is the Fbomb founded by teen Julie Zeilinger. Not only has it become a thriving space for young feminist bloggers, but it has also changed how feminists are organizing and finding each other. As Julie recalls in a wonderfully insightful post at Womensenews, it was her online encounter with an isolated young Muslim woman that inspired her to become a feminist.—Mona]

Discovering female feticide and infanticide was what first got me involved in feminism. The fact that such atrocities could not only be committed, but also be so common, such an accepted part of other cultures, that was what lit the fire within me. But even though what I found in all my research and reading on the subjects made me irate, it was still something I only read about. It wasn't something I could see or feel. Only later, when I was connecting with actual girls abroad via my feminist blog the FBomb, did the adversity that women face on a global level become truly tangible.

How did you become interested in women's issues?


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