How Life Shaped Me Into a Food Blogger

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[Editor's Note: Alaska from Scratch talks about how childhood experiences led her to become a food blogger, and how blogging itself is just an extension of how she wants to live in the face-to-face world too.  I love that she takes the rest of the post to pull back the curtain on food blogging, explaining how she grew her site and her love of writing about food. --Mel]

I knew very early on, although I couldn’t fully articulate it, that I wanted to grow up to be a woman who feeds people as an act of love, that I wanted to have a family and friends who gathered around a table, around food made with my hands... Food blogging has become an extension of that desire, to be there for my readers in a consistent way, and give them means to extend love and hospitality and good food to all of their family and friends – and thereby I get to feed more and more people every day vicariously through each of you.

How does blogging reflect your face-to-face world values and hopes?

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