How Marrying My Sugar Daddy Changed My Life

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Remember your dreams or thoughts from high school? Teen years? College? Perhaps you were filled with wanderlust or expectations greater or less than what you've thus far experienced in your life. How might that have been different if you married a sugar daddy? Well ready this interesting post on redefining your life's expectations based on marriage.

At eighteen years old, I remember being filled with this sense of wanderlust. After high school I was going to strap on a back-pack and explore the world, with Berkeley California as my starting off point. Not that I had any real knowledge of what life was like over there- still I was poised to take on the world. Of course, when I told my parents about my intended adventure, my mother- always the practical petunia- warned me that I would never get married if I didn’t do the sensible thing- stay at a local college and start dating…as soon as possible.

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