How Much Does Confidence & Prestige Cost?

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Have you ever been honored with an award that came with strings attached? That would be your purse strings. When you're doubting your abilities or getting started in a new endeavor it can feel tempting to pay for credibility and prestige in the form of honors, awards, and random "Best of" lists. Except that sets you up for even lower self-confidence and devalues your expertise. Hear this woman's story.

Now her BS meter went up, big time. Her left eyebrow raised and her jaw tightened. Here it comes. She’s about to be sold something in order to be honored as “Woman of the Year”. The conversation continued for several more minutes. Sarah challenged the sales person on the other end of the line and determined very quickly that the organization knew little about her, her achievements, the litany of recent PR for her work or the organizations for which she volunteered her time.

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Paying for Prestige

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