How Much Money is Too Much Money to Spend on Blogging?

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[Editor's Note: How much money are you spending on your blog, and at what point does that number become "too much?" Life Blessons tackles this question in a post on her blog looking at how she has spent money over time. --Mel]

When I first started out with my blog, I did have hopes of being able to turn a profit off of it. But I didn’t have a game plan for doing that or know if that would actually happen. So, I made it a point from the beginning that I would not spend any money on the blog until I’d made some.

That’s why for the first year or so, I used a free Photobucket account. Then when I started getting enough views that was pushing me above the free limit, I had made money and could justify buying a pro account.

How much money have you spent on blogging?

Photo Credit: 401K at Flickr.

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