How to Pressure-Can Tuna At Home

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Canned and fresh tuna is something a lot of us take for granted, but the fact is, this big game fish may not be found in our oceans much longer. Overfishing has threatened the world's tuna population and now scientists are scrambling to figure out how best to save the stock that's left. It's a precious fish, one that should be eaten thoughtfully and, if you happen upon more than you can eat, preserved for later.

Canning Tuna At Home

I looked at this beautiful fish flesh. How large the fish must have been. I remembered that day more than 35 years ago when fresh tuna was an exotic novelty.I remembered a trip to Italy and the first taste of Tonnato sauce that made me a convert to Italian style tuna, usually preserved in a jar in oil.

Canning Tuna

Image Credit: Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Kitchen, used by permission.

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