Disneyland Road Trip: Eating Healthy, Organic

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Editor's Note: Eating healthy, organic, unprocessed food is an ideal daily standard. But what to do when you (at long last) cave in and agree to a family pilgrammage to the Happiest Place on Earth? A place that serves cotton candy, soft serve and garlic fries? You plan ahead, and you shop. --Heather

You may think it's silly to spend money on "organic" food when we are planning on gorging ourselves at D-land.  But I believe me, this is what makes the difference in how we are able to maintain our weight and health.  Eating ONE day of bad food is a lot better than eating THREE days of bad food.

Our Disneyland weekend is a really good example of the 80/20 rule.  We eat real, nourishing foods 80% of the time so we feel completely guilt-free on that 20%.  I don't think about trans-fats, or genetically modifiedness, or sugar or additives or artificial whatever.  We enjoy it while it lasts, and then are happy to get back to "normal" real food eating!

Mickey Crouton

Image: bredgur via Flickr


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