How Bartending Prepared me for Parenting

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Editor's Note: I did not major in early childhood development. I have never taken a class on how to be a better parent. All of my parenting know-how comes from that baptism by fire stuff of real life. Though, really, there are other things in my life that prepared me for parenting. Take for example Amanda at Twice the Love. She says her college job prepared her for parenting in ways she didn't know to expect. What about you? -Jenna

How Taking Care of a Sick Kid Is Like Taking Care of a Drunk Person:

It was just like college, except this time I was sober while it was happening, so it was not nearly as funny.

I was a bartender in college, so I saw my fair share of drunk people. I saw the loud drunks, the emotional drunks, the a-hole drunks, the sad drunks (not emotionally sad, just sad) and everyone in between. I served as a counselor, joke teller, and the bitch that just cut you off because you've had one too many. I feel like this was the perfect job to prepare me for motherhood.

Bartending prepared me for parenting
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