How Travel Helped My Kids Learn Spanish

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Where are you traveling this summer? Do you think about exposing your family to other languages when you plan your vacations? Because travel -- even to areas within the United States -- is a great opportunity for kids to hear native speakers of different languages. Carol Cain of nycitymama (who will be joining me on the Honoring Your Culture, Celebrating Your Commonality panel at BlogHer'12) writes about a recent experience with her son:

“Mama, that little boy isn’t speaking English,” said my 5 year old.

“No, baby. He is speaking Spanish. That is the language of Costa Rica,” I calmly responded.

“That’s our language too, right Mama?” asked my 6 year old.

“Yes, that’s the language mommy speaks with you too,” I suddenly paid attention to the fact that he referred to it as “our” language.

Since that moment, my boys want to know how we say this, and that, and most importantly, have started to use the language of my ancestors, something which I can’t get enough of.

This is an example of how traveling with your children, or taking them out of their every day environment can affect not only how they see the world, but their willingness to embrace, learn, and grow from it.

Credit Image: 60secs via Flickr

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