Working Out While Pregnant

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Editor's Note: I'm sure you've heard all of the reasons why working out during pregnancy is a good idea. From increased energy to being able to sleep better, many doctors tout a good exercise plan to expectant moms. Ruthie at The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart has been working out while pregnant -- minus a little bit of time off while sick -- and she shared her experience. Did you work out while pregnant? -Jenna

How Working Out Has Changed During Pregnancy:

The first few weeks after finding out I was pregnant, I worked out normally, just removing abs from my regime. And then I got sick. Really sick. And tired. Once I started treating my chronic sickness with Zofran, I was able to jump back into a regular (ish) routine. 4 workouts a week- cardio, back/triceps, shoulders/biceps, and legs. I started embracing taking days off and letting my body rest when it told me to. I continued to take cardio kickboxing classes until about week 20 where jumping around started to become uncomfortable. Baby has been head down pretty much the whole pregnancy and his head pushes on my bladder making it feel like I need to pee 24/7!

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