What I Learned at BlogHer Entrepreneurs: I Am an Entrepreneur!

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Editor's Note: We've shared some great posts about our attendee's experiences at our BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13 conference. We wanted to take some time and share this new post by Sarah Kimmel at Tech 4 Mommies to inspire our readers. Maybe you have a great idea, but you're trying to talk yourself out of believing that you're an entrepreneur. Maybe, like Sarah thought, you feel comfortable with health insurance and a steady paycheck. But maybe, just maybe, you're lying to yourself. Read on for more inspiration. -Jenna

I AM an Entrepreneur: My Recap of BlogHer Entrepreneurs Conference:

The thing that really resonated with me in the closing session was when Michelle Magoffin of Sprawl3 said that she came to the conference thinking that she wasn’t an entrepreneur, and then had to finally stop lying to herself and realize she was just afraid. She was telling herself a lie based on fear, and when she was able to stop lying to herself, and admit that she WAS an entrepreneur, amazing things started happening for her.

So that is where I was when I started the conference. Lying to myself that I was not an Entrepreneur, and leaving the conference with Michelle’s words ringing in my ears…

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