White Dad Accused of Kidnapping His Own Bi-Racial Kids

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The race blogging world has been abuzz over the case of a Virginia man accused of kidnapping his own children. The father, who is white, was seen leaving a Walmart store with his three daughters who are bi-racial (their mother is black). The clue that tipped off security? A customer reported that the dad and his children "just don't match up".

Here's what Jamie Lynn at I'm Not the Babysitter has to say about it:

I am a bit perplexed by the whole thing. I have two thoughts on why someone would even be remotely concerned with seeing a father with his mixed-race daughters:

  • 1. Racism is an insidious part of daily life, and it exposes itself boldly in the most unexpected ways.
  • 2. That is the most boring Walmart ever. Seriously, if a normal family gets that much attention for the melanin in their skin, could you imagine if the patrons of that particular Virginia Walmart went to any of the Walmarts that are frequently featured on “People of Walmart”?

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