Overeating and the Pressures of Motherhood

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Editor's Note: Carmen at Mom to the Screaming Masses wanted to be the best mom possible, and had set for herself some very high standards in order to achieve it. Having kids back to back was not easy, however, and soon, she was relieving her stress by reaching for the Ben & Jerry's. This is the story of how she made a choice to live healthy. -- AVF

I consoled myself with food. Chocolate, fancy coffees, brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce, french fries. The list grew. I ate myself from an already comfortable 14-16 right into an 18-20. It took a comment from a family member, telling me she was happy I was no longer the skinny one, and a comment from one daughter's friend that "at least she didn't have a fat mom!" to wake me up.

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I decided to stop and take a good, hard look at my life. I realized I needed to make some changes in my life and get back to being myself. After all, I'd been a very happy, and pretty good, ballet dancer in my teens and was slim until I was in my early thirties. There was no reason for me to be that stereotypical "fat" mom, no reason for me to be unhappy with myself. The people at Pfizer call this "Returning to You", the time in her life when a woman decides to return to being her best self.

I began an exercise regime and slowly, slowly, so slowly it seemed to take forever, the weight came off, and the life came back into me. It's tough being a woman in her 40s. We start to experience creaks and cramps, our bodies start doing their own things, growing hair in awkward places, and we just aren't the young women we once were.

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