Even Good Kids Need You to Turn On Parental Controls

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How closely do you monitor your teen's online usage? Do you have all of the parental locks turned on or do you just trust that everything is okay? Mara at MomFaze thought her 13-year-old was following her rules, but found out -- accidentally -- that wasn't the case. It's a bit unnerving, even though her son wasn't actually doing anything wrong.

She shares her experience:

iPad on Tanmay's jeansLast weekend I found out by accident that my youngest had betrayed my ONE basic rule of Internet use.

Thou Shalt Not Talk To Strangers.

I know you’re thinking that I should have taken my head out of the sand. That I shouldn’t have taken my eyes off the 13-year old’s online activity for even one second. That I shouldn’t have let him have a computer in his room, or an iPad with internet access. I should have been crawling his computer with spyware and asking to see his Skype messages. But, I didn’t do any of those highly recommended parental online controls. I trusted him, just like I trusted my two older children. I laid down a guideline and made the assumption that he would comply, just like his older siblings had done.

You know what they say happens when you assume, right? You make an ass out of… Well, you get it.


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