Love, Hate, Good Days, Bad Days and Motherhood

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[Editor's Note: I know you've had a day like this, when everything kind of snowballs. The kind of day when you question your worth as a mom. Ana at Sandwich'd shared a recent series of events that ended up in the way every mom dreads: hearing "I hate you." Lessons were learned, by both mom and son. -Jenna]

I Don't Always Feel Like a Good Mom:

love/hateNow, I really wanted my son to say goodbye, I wanted to give him the phone so he could play a game, but he wouldn’t budge. Finally the teacher looked at me and said, “Ana, he had his chance. I’d follow through on the consequences. And by the way your daughter is almost to the street.” OMG! I ran after my little one with my son screaming the whole way. Other parents looked away and I truly felt, well, embarrassed. Not so much by my son’s behavior but what I felt like was my inability to keep the situation under control. Not only was my son behaving disrespectfully, my daughter was quickly heading towards a potentially unsafe situation. After I finally wrangled my crew into the car, Alonzo really let his words fly, including the oh so dreaded HATE phrase.

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