I Don't Need No Stinkin' Mommy Makeover!

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As bloggers, I'm sure we've all gotten a PR pitch that made us raise an eyebrow before we hit the delete button. Melissa at Married My Sugar Daddy recently got one that pushed all of her buttons and resulted in not only a rant, but a good commentary on how we view mothers. The pitch was for a "mommy makeover," and Melissa brings up a few great points as to why the whole concept is wrong.

She wants to know if she can vomit now or later:

Barbies drying outsideSo let’s just rip this apart piece by piece and analyze what makes it SO.VERY.WRONG.

#1 Using the word mommy. The word mommy, at least for me, in some ways reduces women to young girls, in its tone and very familiar sound. As if women can only be defined by their status as a mommy, not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that, but it just rubs me the wrong way. I’d rather be referred to as a woman, not as a mommy.

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