I Exposed Myself In Public (It Was The Right Thing To Do)

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[Editor's Note: We all have different sides to our personalities, and we aren't always ALL of who we are all the time. There are parts of ourselves we work hard to protect, the soft, vulnerable parts, that we keep hidden so we can feel strong in day-to-day life. (And especially because, as parents, apparently we are the ones in charge!!)

This post is about those moments in life we have to put down our guard, as Chimom from the group blog It Builds Character beautifully tells it. It's a great story. And wow, I wish that mom group were in my neighborhood! Here's just a snippet of her post. Click over to read it in its entirety at her site.—Stacy

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Finding Strength In A Story

I joined a moms’ group. Looking ahead to fall and winter with colder weather and too few activities planned, I needed something for myself and the kids.

I have been in a bit of hard place lately, and feeling the need to reconnect. That being said, I tend to be very open and heart-on-sleeve—not unlike at times that little puppy frantically wagging its tail: Like me, like me, like me.

My goal: Meet people, but be reserved. Put less of myself out there for a change. That feeling was reinforced by seeing how polished this large group of women appeared. They hadn’t thrown themselves together frantically to get to the meetings as I had. There were actual hairSTYLES. Matching shoes and purses, even.

Almost immediately after our table’s discussion began, a young woman was crying. Newly divorced. Struggled with mental illness. Trying to do her best to get on track. In love with her daughter. She felt ill-equipped because she hadn’t learned the tools from her mother about how to be a parent. We looked at her. We listened. We absorbed it. Touched her back. But the group was also very quiet.

I looked around this table of these women who, as of yet, had no impression of me. I was still safe.

I looked at the woman crying, took a breath, and spoke…

Read the rest of the story HERE.

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