I Fit Into My Pre-Pregancy Clothes & Didn't Kill My Husband

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[Editor's Note: Remember the process of losing the baby weight and fitting back into your old clothes? I remember it well because I'm still there, nearly five years later. I love the humorous take that Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures has on the mom wardrobe, which includes several different "kinds" of clothes, from "maternity clothes that I wear because I think people can't tell they're maternity clothes" to "clothes that I consider to be my real size even though most of them don't fit." As she recently got back into a pair of pants and shared the news with her husband, he said something that basically falls in the "you're lucky to still be alive" camp. Funny post all around. -Jenna]

Mom's in Her Non-Mom-Jean Jeans:

Clothes rackSo later that night I shared my news with Gerry, Loving and Supportive Husband Extraordinaire.

"I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight," I announced.

"Is that right?" he asked, giving me an approving once-over. "Wow, that didn't even take you a whole year!"

"Har," I scoffed. "It'll be a year in less than a week, so I'm cutting it pretty close if that was the goal."

"Still, that's awfully impressive," he continued, seemingly with genuine admiration. "Especially at your age."

Photo Credit: mom_smackley.

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