I Hate That I'm Hated

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I'm not a person who has a lot of enemies.I'm not a person who has a whole huge group of friends either.I have some very close friends and then I have some friends in various circles; my work friends, my neighborhood friends, my Mom friends, my church friends, my old friends, my "kids play on the same team" friends, and now, my blogger friends. Not that I lump them into distinct, unchangeable categories - some cross over into my "very close friend" circle, but there are friends who I relate to on different levels.But, I pretty much can get along with anyone. Sure, I may not be everyone's favourite, but rarely do I come across someone who truly does not like me.Until I married Rob.With the "Rob deal" came an amazing man, 3 kids, and a woman that hates me.Could the deal not have come with a side of fries instead?Ok, his ex has never come out and said she hates me. . . .

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