I Left My Son in the Produce Section

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Every time I go somewhere in the car without the kids -- and it's painstakingly quiet in the back seat -- I'll have a moment where my breath catches and I'll panic: Did I leave them somewhere? Wannabauthor shared a "not proud of it moment" when she left her son's side in the grocery store. Have you ever had a moment where you left your child somewhere?

She shares her heart-stopping moment:

Produce SectionI was already paying for the bread when ‘A’ came back. Something in his face set off an alarm in my head. I was missing something, I knew. Something crucial, but I couldn’t get it. He looked around, and then walked fast towards me.

“Where’s Ryan?”

You know the feeling when you could have all the oxygen in the world, but your lungs forget to breathe? Well I did then. We ran past shoppers, me stuttering an apology. To ‘A’. To Ryan. Horrible, horrible mother!

Photo Credit: christine592.

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