Juggling Being a Manager Mama with Travel

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[Editor's Note: When you're a work from home mom it can be challenging to keep the career moving forward when you're physically remote from your company. So, when a travel opportunity comes up that is good for your career, it can be a double-edged sword filled with celebration and guilt. Here's Parenthetical Me's look at this challenge. -Paula G

And now, today, I find out that I’ve been nominated for a prestigious thing again (yay for me) that means I have to travel away from my family and leave Joey as the sole parent for a week (boo). Each time, I’m wracked with guilt. My job is the one that provides for us right now, so he feels like his takes a backseat if mine needs me – and it does. And although technically these things are extra, they’re also necessary for keeping my career growing and secure, something extra important since I live far away from the mothership.

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Working Mom Guilt

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