Why Is Boys' Clothing So Awful?

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Editor's Note: I've ranted about the clothing selections for boys for, well, seven years now. It's easy to see the problem when you walk into a store and the boys' section is half the size of the girls' clothing. Stephanie at Froggy & the Mouse recently complained about what's available to dress her two boys, especially as her older son is sizing up into the big boys' section. Do you agree with her points? -Jenna

I'm Still Disgruntled About Boys' Clothing:

Here’s the crappy part – 5 years into this whole ‘shopping for boys’ thing, right as I’m juuuuust starting to get a feel for where to shop, how to shop, when to shop for them … the Mouse goes and grows out of the ‘toddler’ section. He is now ‘officially’ wearing clothes from the ‘big boys’ department {*sniff} and I am right back to ‘OMFG I EFFING HATE BOYS CLOTHING’ again. I, personally, refuse to buy anything with skulls, Angry Birds, or Spongebob on it … which pretty much dwindles my selection immediately to about 50% of what it actually is. At least those items in the toddler section with alligators riding skateboards were age-appropriate. I’ll be damned in my 4.5 YO puts on anything with a skeleton skateboarding through a graveyard while sporting Beats headphones.

Someone put me out of my misery with that crap.

Boys' Clothing
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